Clinical Research

Physician-scientists in the Department of Family Medicine-Research at Mayo Clinic engage in clinical research efforts to understand the causes of disease and to identify effective methods of prevention and treatment.

Research in the Department of Family Medicine-Research covers a broad range of medical issues focused on family and community medicine, including headache, depression, calcium and vitamin D nutrition, obesity, women's health, and global health.

Through networking and access to resources across Mayo Clinic, the Department of Family Medicine-Research conducts research projects that ultimately enhance patient well-being. Researchers study patterns of patient care and specific common or important patient conditions, with specialists pursuing focused areas of research interest.

Much of the department's research is epidemiological, which involves reviewing medical records with patient consent and adherence to privacy policies and procedures of Mayo Clinic. All research studies in the department are reviewed for safety and ethical issues by the Mayo Clinic Institutional Review Board, which meets the highest national standards for research review and oversight.