About the division

The primary goal of the Division of Emergency Medicine Research is to foster long-term collaborative research and development efforts in emergency medicine through technological and educational initiatives. This includes studying innovations for treatment of head injury, stroke, acute coronary syndrome, transient ischemic attack and acute chest pain, and developing decision aids for patients who visit emergency departments.

The work of the research division cultivates in this threefold mission:

  • To conduct high-quality, practice-changing research relevant to the practice and delivery of emergency care
  • To disseminate these findings in scientific journals, institutionally and through the media to maximally impact the care of individuals worldwide
  • To foster understanding of clinical research methodology and the development of research acumen to allow clinicians and researchers to share what they learn with one another

The division cultivates intrainstitutional collaboration and stimulates collaborative work at the national and international levels with the goal of steering emergency medicine practice toward evidence-based, cutting-edge, compassionate care.