Fresh osteochondral allograft reconstruction

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  • Metrics of Osteochondral Allografts (MOCA) Registry of the Knee Rochester, MN

    The primary objective of this registry is to obtain long-term survivorship data for the use of fresh OCAs in cartilage repair and reconstruction procedures.

  • The Establishment of an Allogeneic Cartilage Bank for the Center for Regenerative Medicine Rochester, MN

    The objectives of this study are to produce an allogeneic cartilage bank whereby cartilage tissue is obtained from consented donors who meet 21 CFR 1271 donor eligibility criteria, and to simluate clinical implantation of living donor osteochondral allografts banked from Aim 1, demonstrated to meet both viability and sterility requirements, in patients undergoing osteochondral transplantation in the Mayo clinical practice. Actual grafting using collected cartilage will not occur. This is a process validation study.


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