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  1. Adolescent Biomarker Guided rTMS

    Rochester, MN

  2. A Study to Evaluate fMRI of Active Deep Brain Stimulation in Epilepsy

    Jacksonville, FL

  3. Study of Neurophysiologically Based Brain State Tracking and Modulation in Focal Epilepsy

    Rochester, MN

  4. A Study to Assess Medtronic Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Therapy for Epilepsy Post-Approval (EPAS)

    Rochester, MN

  5. A Study to Evaluate Thalamic Stimulation to Prevent Impaired Consciousness in Epilepsy

    Rochester, MN

  6. A Study to Optimize Brain Stimulation Parameters

    Rochester, MN

  7. A Study to Evaluate Biomarker Target Stimulation

    Rochester, MN

  8. A Study to Evaluate Therapeutic and Side Effects of Brain Stimulation

    Rochester, MN

  9. A Study to Evaluate Electrophysiology of Deep Brain Stimulation

    Rochester, MN


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