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  1. A Study to Evaluate the Impact of Near-Infrared Vein Mapping on Outcomes and Satisfaction After Botox/Filler Treatment

    Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ

  2. A Study of Simulated Sylvian Fissure Dissection Under Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Conditions Using a Rodent Microvascular Anastomosis Model

    Rochester, MN

  3. A Study to Evaluate Novel Nipple Reconstruction Technique Using Nipple Sharing of a Half-Split Nipple in Female-to-Male Transgender Chest-Wall Contouring

    Rochester, MN

  4. Early Outcomes of Volar Capsulodesis for the Treatment of Scapholunate Ligament Injury

    Rochester, MN

  5. A Study to Evaluate Vascularized Lymph Node Transfer Coverage

    Rochester, MN

  6. A Study to Assess the Demographics, Pre-operative Clinical History, and Clinical Outcomes of Patients Who have Undergone Volar Scapholunate Ligament Reconstruction

    Rochester, MN

  7. A Study to Analyze Gender Congruence After Gender Confirmation Surgery

    Rochester, MN

  8. A Study to Evaluate Long-term Outcomes of Pollicization

    Rochester, MN

  9. A Study to Evaluate a Virtual Assistant for Plastic Surgery Patients

    Jacksonville, FL

  10. A Study to Evaluate the Safety of the Goldilocks Procedure with Implant-Based Reconstruction

    Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ, Jacksonville, FL, Rochester, MN


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