A Natural History Observation and Registry Study of Macular Telangiectasia Type 2: The MacTel Study


About this study

The purpose of this study is to develop a Registry of participants with MacTel Type 2 (as confirmed by the Reading Center) who may agree to be contacted for inclusion in future clinical trials. The Registry participants include new participants and participants from the NHO, Genetic I and Genetics II studies who agree to continue to participate. 

The second objective is to continue to identify whether there is a genetic link associated with MacTel Type 2. All participants who have not previously provided a blood sample will be given the option to provide a blood sample for genetic sequencing.

Participation eligibility

Participant eligibility includes age, gender, type and stage of disease, and previous treatments or health concerns. Guidelines differ from study to study, and identify who can or cannot participate. There is no guarantee that every individual who qualifies and wants to participate in a trial will be enrolled. Contact the study team to discuss study eligibility and potential participation.

Eligibility Criteria

Registry Probands

  1. Must have a confirmed clinical diagnosis of MacTel Type 2.
  2. Must be 18 years of age or older.
  3. Should not have diabetic retinopathy with 10 or more microaneurysms.
  4. Have no confounding ocular conditions that may now or in the future complicate the evaluation of MacTel Type 2.
  5. Participant must be offered sufficient opportunity to review and to understand the informed consent form, agree to the form’s contents and sign the informed consent.

Family Members

  1. Family members of any proband who are of the age approved by the IRB/IEC at the clinic where the family member will be seen may consent for screening. Halfsiblings are allowed to participate.
  2. If confirmed to be affected with MacTel Type 2, the Family Member may consent to be enrolled in the registry.

Participating Mayo Clinic locations

Study statuses change often. Please contact the study team for the most up-to-date information regarding possible participation.

Mayo Clinic Location Status Contact

Rochester, Minn.

Mayo Clinic principal investigator

Sophie Bakri, M.D.

Open for enrollment

Contact information:

Heidi Rubin M.S., CCRP

(507) 538-8119


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