TBI Regional Advisory Council

Traumatic Brain Injury Regional Advisory Council.

Twice a year, the TBI Regional Advisory Council meets to provide oversight of the model system.

  • Justine Ashokar, Ph.D., Black Hills Works, Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center
  • Thomas F. Bergquist, Ph.D., L.P., (chair), Mayo Clinic
  • Alicia Bonner, M.A., Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development
  • Allen W. Brown, M.D., Mayo Clinic
  • Rose Collins, Ph.D., Minneapolis VA Health Care System
  • Karl Curtis, B.A., Brain Injury Alliance of Wisconsin
  • Maggie Ferguson, MS, C.R.C., C.B.I.S., Iowa Department of Public Health
  • Jacob Finn, Ph.D., Minneapolis VA Health Care System
  • Joan M. Griffin, Ph.D., Mayo Clinic Kern Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery
  • Michael J. Hall, Ph.D., Iowa City VA Health Care System
  • Brandi Jensen, B.S., C.B.I.S., Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa
  • Mark Kinde, MPH, Minnesota Department of Health
  • David King, M.B.A., Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance
  • Greg J. Lamberty, Ph.D., L.P., ABPP, Minneapolis VA Health Care System
  • Geoffrey Lauer, M.A., Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa
  • Lisabeth Mackall, MS CCC-SL.P., HealthPartners (Regions Hospital)
  • Craig Martinson, survivor with brain injury
  • Jackie L. Micklewright, Ph.D., L.P., ABPP, Bethesda Hospital
  • Anne M. Moessner, R.N., (secretary), Mayo Clinic
  • Audrey Nelson, MS, C.S.W., survivor with brain injury
  • Rebecca Quinn, MSW., L.C.S.W., Center for Rural Health at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine & Health Sciences
  • Jon Roesler, MS, Ph.D.(c), Minnesota Department of Health
  • Jean Shelton, M.B.A., FACHE, On With Life
  • Benjamin Siebert, M.D., FAAMPR, Neuroscience Group
  • Billie A. Schultz, M.D., Mayo Clinic
  • Thomas Tatlock, M.D., survivor with brain injury
  • Toby V. Yak, MPH, Ph.D., Iowa Department of Public Health