Image showing skin exam in the Melanoma Research Program at Mayo Clinic. Advancing patient care

The rising rate of melanoma is bringing new urgency to research, with innovation, dedication and collaboration forging discoveries in melanoma biology, diagnostics and treatments.


The Melanoma Research Program brings together extensive research resources, clinical expertise and scientific ingenuity across the spectrum of melanoma, from basic biology and prevention to diagnostics and advanced therapeutics.

Backed by a rich tradition of innovation, the Melanoma Research Program at Mayo Clinic brings together a diverse group of highly skilled scientists, clinicians, allied health professionals and patient advocates who share a common goal of developing innovative approaches to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of melanoma.

Our program builds on the long-standing traditions of the Mayo Clinic Model of Care, incorporating scientific discovery and clinical translation into a seamless effort aimed at improving the lives of patients with melanoma.

Research activities within the Melanoma Research Program are primarily organized in the context of the interdisciplinary Melanoma Disease Oriented Group of Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center, with active members in most clinical and scientific departments across Mayo Clinic.

This effort has resulted in the development of one of the largest clinical practices of advanced melanoma in the nation, with an ever-expanding network of collaborating physicians and scientists across the United States and beyond.

Unraveling the biological complexities of melanoma is only achievable through an openly collaborative effort by dedicated experts whose complementary skills bring new insights into the natural history of this disease and advance therapeutic opportunities that may lead to meaningful clinical benefit for melanoma patients.

The leadership of the Melanoma Research Program includes: