Training and Education

The Melanoma Research Program has a long history of mentoring, educating and preparing medical professionals for careers in science and medicine.

Prospective and current students can gain opportunities in melanoma research through lectures, mentored experiences, presentations, and undergraduate and graduate programs, including:

  • Residencies and fellowships. The Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education has more than 1,500 trainees and offers nearly 300 programs in virtually every medical specialty, including melanoma research.
  • Clinician-Investigator Training Program. The Clinician-Investigator Training Program provides two years of mentored research training in a Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education clinical residency or fellowship, including melanoma research.
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship. The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship provides an opportunity for undergraduates interested in melanoma research to work with established scientists and investigators in the Melanoma Research Program.
  • Grand Rounds. The program's faculty members regularly give Grand Rounds presentations on melanoma research topics to provide educational opportunities.
  • Publications. The program's members lecture and publish extensively on the topic of melanoma and related research, in a variety of specialties, including oncology, surgery and dermatology. This wide range of publications offers clinicians, students and patients an excellent forum to learn more about the advances in melanoma research.