The Hospital Experiences to Advance Goals and Outcomes Network (HEXAGON) is an initiative to transform care for patients in hospitals worldwide by generating knowledge, improving efficiency and driving innovation in hospital care. HEXAGON establishes partnerships with hospitalists and institutions across the globe, coordinates research strategies, and catalyzes efforts to generate knowledge for standardized, personalized care in the hospital setting.

HEXAGON focuses on six pillars to improve patient care through research:

  • Collaborate. HEXAGON facilitates partnerships between hospitalists and scientists at and external to Mayo Clinic, with an emphasis on building multidisciplinary teams with expertise in health services research, big data science, analytics and hospital practice. HEXAGON's collaborative teams share expertise to improve data analytics to report hospital care and outcomes.
  • Engage. HEXAGON engages hospitalists, leadership, allied health staff and patients to identify priorities for improving hospital care, such as improving the value of tests and diagnostics, developing risk prediction scores, reducing patient readmission rates, and making hospital care more consistent. HEXAGON shares these priorities with the scientific community to guide research and advance knowledge.
  • Evaluate. HEXAGON evaluates patient-reported outcomes and patient experiences to guide research and develop interventions to improve hospital care.
  • Generate. HEXAGON provides a robust platform to develop and execute randomized clinical trials to establish evidence-based standards of care. Such standards of care can be applied across different hospital settings to reduce the substantial variability in practice among hospitalists and increase guidelines to manage undifferentiated medical conditions.
  • Innovate. HEXAGON drives innovation of new technology, methods and procedures to provide cutting-edge care to patients in hospitals while reducing costs and improving efficiency.
  • Translate. HEXAGON works to translate research into the best possible care for patients in hospitals at Mayo Clinic and worldwide.

Researchers in the Mayo Clinic Division of Hospital Internal Medicine introduced the HEXAGON platform in hospitals within the Mayo Clinic enterprise and are now expanding it to include other institutions around the world. HEXAGON supports and advances Mayo Clinic's role as a leader in global improvement and innovation in hospital care.


HEXAGON is affiliated with groups and programs across Mayo Clinic, including: