Cystic Kidney and Liver Disease Biobank

The Genetics, Epigenetics and Biomarker Core runs the Cystic Kidney and Liver Disease Biobank. This biobank collects tissue and cyst fluid samples from patients who have undergone such procedures as nephrectomy, partial liver resection or cyst drainage, and provides valuable reagents for understanding the pathogenesis of polycystic kidney disease (PKD).

Tissue and cyst fluid samples for the biobank come mainly from Mayo Clinic patients, but collection from patients at other institutions is possible.

Typical procedure

  • The core is contacted about an upcoming surgery, and the patient signs consent forms to participate in research.
  • Samples are collected at the time of the patient's nephrectomy and partial liver resection.
  • Samples collected include frozen tissue, cells for culturing and fixed material.
  • Cyst fluid is collected from patients undergoing cyst drainage.
  • Mutation screening is performed on the samples using a targeted next-generation sequencing panel.


Email us for access to material from the Cystic Kidney and Liver Disease Biobank.