Mayo Clinic Bioservices provides innovative solutions to help researchers meet their scientific goals. Helping researchers meet their scientific goals

Mayo Clinic Bioservices gives investigators innovative solutions to their scientific challenges.


Mayo Clinic seeks to advance research and to improve health for all people, in collaboration with scientists in both industry and academia. Mayo Clinic Bioservices offers resources, expertise and innovative support to investigators — at Mayo, at other research institutions and with industry partners — to drive biomedical research that advances the Mayo Clinic vision of better health and health care for everyone.

Investigator-to-investigator support

Part of what makes Mayo Clinic Bioservices unique is its highly trained, specialized staff. Staff members are researchers themselves; they've been "in the trenches," so they're able to meet with Bioservices clients in the design phase.

The scientific staff at Mayo Clinic Bioservices has the expertise to guide collaborators through the extensive range of Bioservices collections and service options. Bioservices team members work closely with individual project stakeholders to determine which participants fulfill specific study criteria.

Expert biospecimen services

Science, technology and quality are vital to basic, translational and epidemiological research. They are fundamental to Mayo Clinic's laboratories, and support the exacting needs of Mayo Clinic clinicians and scientists.

Mayo Clinic Bioservices is dedicated to supporting cutting-edge biomedical research with state-of-the-art biospecimen processing, storage and shipping services.

Laboratory services are highly automated; this focus on technology ensures predictable, uniform processes, resulting in high quality outcomes. At the same time, the team-focused staff is dedicated to solving your research problems. Mayo Clinic invests in training staff members to meet the world-class quality levels required by Mayo's researchers and collaborators.

Engaged participant community

The integrity of biomedical research is vital, and investigators need the assurance that collections they use in their research have been acquired and consented ethically. Mayo Clinic Bioservices has established a Community Advisory Board to ensure that the participant community is engaged. The Bioservices governance program features:

  • Patient-centered governance structure
  • Strong network of participants
  • Diverse Community Advisory Board membership, representing varied interests and backgrounds
  • Long-term post-collection communication

Mayo Clinic has made a significant, long-term and ongoing investment in the Community Advisory Board for continued guidance of the Bioservices program. Researchers and collaborators can pursue their scientific goals confident in the ethics of Mayo's approach.

Program leaders

  • Paola A. Ramos, Ph.D.
  • Director, Biospecimen Accessioning and Processing Laboratory, Minnesota