Ph.D. Training Program in Virology and Gene Therapy Student Roster


Review the focus areas, mentors and publications of current and former trainees in the Ph.D. Training Program in Virology and Gene Therapy at Mayo Clinic.

Appointee Mentor Research focus Mayo Clinic publications
Karol Budzik Stephen J. Russell, M.D., Ph.D. Generation and characterization of a foamy virus-based replicating retroviral vector system for cancer therapy View publications
Susanna C. Concilio Stephen J. Russell, M.D., Ph.D. Natural variation in monovalent anion substrate selectivity of the sodium iodide symporter (NIS) across evolutionary history View publications
Christopher B. Driscoll Richard G. Vile, Ph.D. Combination therapy using adenovirus delivered immune adjuvants to improve CAR-T cells in solid tumors View publications
Alex R. Generous Roberto Cattaneo, Ph.D. Nectins transfer cytoplasm between cells and spread measles virus to neurons View publications
Amanda L. Huff Richard G. Vile, Ph.D. Targeting mechanisms of protein degradation to improve vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) immunotherapy View publications
Crystal A. Mendoza Hideki Ebihara, Ph.D. Development of in vitro systems for the study of transcription and replication of tick-borne phleboviruses View publications