Ph.D. Training Program in Virology and Gene Therapy


Cattaneo, Roberto Ph.D.


Award number — AI132165

Virology is a critical subject in basic and translational research. Investigators continuously discover unifying life sciences principles in viral systems. Additionally, gene therapy and oncolytic virotherapy depend on viral vectors. Mayo Clinic's Ph.D. Training Program in Virology and Gene Therapy provides the deep understanding of basic virology necessary to develop effective gene therapies.

The program leverages the strength of basic research and the robust translational infrastructure at Mayo Clinic. Training is performed in the laboratories of faculty members specializing in virology and gene therapy in the Department of Molecular Medicine, the Division of Infectious Diseases, and several other departments and programs. The program faculty is united by leadership in research on:

  • Viruses
  • Vectors
  • Mechanisms of human disease
  • Cancer treatment
  • Gene therapy

The Ph.D. Training Program in Virology and Gene Therapy offers unique training opportunities in both virology and the translation of viral and gene therapeutics. Trainees engage in a full array of programmatic activities, including:

  • Journal clubs
  • Seminar series
  • An annual retreat
  • National scientific meetings

Requirements for the Ph.D. Training Program in Virology and Gene Therapy track conform to the general requirements of Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. Learn more on the graduate school website.

Position availability

There are three total positions in this program. The current number of open positions changes regularly.


Appointees must be citizens or noncitizen nationals of the United States or must have been legally admitted as permanent residents.

How to apply

For more information, contact Dr. Cattaneo at

Student roster

Review the focus areas, mentors and publications of current and former trainees in the Ph.D. Training Program in Virology and Gene Therapy.


  1. Badley, Andrew D. M.D.
  2. Barry, Michael A. Ph.D.
  3. Billadeau, Daniel D. Ph.D.
  4. Cattaneo, Roberto Ph.D.
  5. Devaux, Patricia Ph.D.
  6. Deyle, David R. M.D.
  7. Dingli, David M.D., Ph.D.
  8. Ekker, Stephen C. Ph.D.
  9. Fadel, Hind J. M.D., Ph.D.
  10. Federspiel, Mark J. Ph.D.
  11. Galanis, Evanthia M.D.
  12. Harris, Peter C. Ph.D.
  13. Howe, Charles L. Ph.D.
  14. Johnson, Aaron J. Ph.D.
  15. Peng, Kah Whye Ph.D.
  16. Russell, Stephen J. M.D., Ph.D.
  17. Schulze, Autumn J. Ph.D.
  18. Terzic, Andre M.D., Ph.D.
  19. Vile, Richard G. Ph.D.