Gregory A. Poland, M.D., the founder of the Vaccine Research Group at Mayo Clinic, has been featured in educational videos for the public and physicians about the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism; influenza; and effective hand-washing.

MMR vaccine and autism: Vaccine nihilism and postmodern science (YouTube)

Gregory A. Poland, M.D., Professor of Medicine and Director of the Mayo Vaccine Research Group at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, discusses his article appearing in the September 2011 issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings on concerns with the misrepresentation by the media regarding a relationship between vaccinations and autism.

KSMQ's "Health Connections" — H1N1 flu (YouTube)

On this special episode of Health Connections, Stacie Beecham talks with Gregory A. Poland, M.D., about the H1N1 influenza and possible pandemic. Beecham also speaks with local residents about their fears, concerns and thoughts on H1N1. Additionally, selected segments from KSMQ's "Emergency" talk about preparing communities for a pandemic flu or other health emergency.

Clearing up "conFLUsion" about seasonal flu (YouTube)

Gregory A. Poland, M.D., chair of the Adult Immunization Advisory Board of the American College of Physicians, speaks out on how serious seasonal flu can be at a National Foundation for Infectious Diseases news conference.

Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo learn how to wash their hands (YouTube)

Gregory A. Poland, M.D., a specialist in infectious disease at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, flew all the way to Los Angeles just to teach Jimmy and Guillermo how to wash their hands.