Multifrequency Ultrasound Radiation Force Excitation and Motion Detection of Harmonically Vibrating Scatterers

Matthew W. Urban, Ph.D. April 2007


Elasticity imaging is a medical imaging modality that creates images based on the mechanical response of tissue. In some techniques, ultrasound radiation force has been used to deform tissue and ultrasonic or other techniques detect the tissue displacement. The focus of this dissertation was development of methods to utilize multiple ultrasound frequencies simultaneously to produce multifrequency harmonic radiation force and development of harmonic motion detection techniques adapted for vibrometry with simultaneous radiation force excitation. Beamforming for multifrequency radiation force was developed analytically, numerically, and experimentally. Sample applications in the fields of vibrometry and vibro-acoustic breast imaging are shown. Numerical models for harmonic motion detection of a vibrating reflective target and a vibrating scattering medium were developed. Parametric analyses were performed to extensively analyze the error in the vibration amplitude and phase. An experimental method using multifrequency radiation force and harmonic motion detection with a single transducer is described and experimental results for a reflective target and scattering medium are shown. This work produced techniques for excitation and measurement of small amplitude harmonic motion for performing vibro-acoustography and vibrometry in a multiplexed manner. Models of vibration responses were developed to further understanding of current and future applications in vibro-acoustography and vibrometry.