About the Lab

The Translational Neurosurgery and Biotechnology Lab is a translational multidisciplinary enterprise dedicated to advancing medicine, in general, and stroke care, in particular. We are aiming to create a new standard of care for cerebrovascular disease, and as such we strive to find true unmet clinical needs, unravel complex basic science problems and bring back solutions to our patients.

In this bed-to-bench-to-bed paradigm, we believe the importance of developing new technologies and techniques to better understand, diagnose and treat our patients to be paramount. We are passionate about transforming clinical challenges into opportunities for new discoveries and innovations.

The Translational Neurosurgery and Biotechnology Lab is based on three main pillars:

  1. Creation of new standard of care by spanning the whole translational spectrum from trailblazing hypothesis-driven research, to generating new knowledge, to large-scale clinical trials
  2. Invention of new technological platforms and development of new techniques and approaches in surgery and endovascular surgery
  3. Development and use of advanced preclinical ex vivo and in vivo models for hypothesis-driven research and technology testing