Selective Vulnerability of the Hippocampus

Using digital pathology and gene expression techniques, the Translational Neuropathology Lab's goal is to discover the genetic underpinnings of hippocampal involvement in Alzheimer's disease. Our translational neuropathology approach bases selection of genes on the relationship between quantitative neuropathology specific to Alzheimer's disease with gene expression of RNA transcripts derived from RNA-sequencing. The lab has identified a set of 52 genes that the research team is interrogating using NanoString technology in larger set of autopsy-confirmed Alzheimer's disease cases. The research team's goal is to translate these findings to a blood-based biomarker that would capture variability and improve signal-to-noise values to enable accurate prediction of disease course.

These studies have been largely supported by competitive foundation support and generous support from the Center for Individualized Medicine. Recently, the lab was awarded a research grant from the Alzheimer's Association to continue this investigation.