PDX Samples

The Mayo Clinic Brain Tumor Patient-Derived Xenograft National Resource offers a wide range of patient samples, including protein lysates, DNA, RNA, cDNA, frozen tumor, cryopreserved tumor and short-term explant cultures. We also provide a sample collaboration letter for grant applications.

  • Protein lysates. We offer protein lysates for specific PDX brain tumor lines. Review available samples.
  • DNA. We offer DNA samples for specific PDX lines and aliquots. Review available samples.
  • cDNA. We offer RNA and cDNA samples and aliquots of cDNA and RNA. Review available samples.
  • Frozen tumor. We offer samples of frozen tumor. Review available samples.
  • Cryopreserved tumor. For most patient-derived xenograft lines in the PDX National Resource, flank tumors are processed for cryopreservation and stored in vapor phase of a liquid nitrogen tank. Review available samples.
  • Short-term explant cultures. Most of our patient-derived xenograft lines can be used to establish short-term explant cultures in stem cell culture or FBS culture. Review available samples.
  • Collaboration letter. Dr. Sarkaria can provide a letter of collaboration for grant applications for research in which samples from the PDX National Resource will be used. Review the collaboration letter.