The Mayo Clinic Brain Tumor Patient-Derived Xenograft National Resource provides access to a panel of highly characterized brain tumor patient-derived xenografts (PDX).

Many of the characterizations at the molecular level and phenotypic level are available through the PDX National Resource.

In addition, all of these data are available within a cBioPortal data set that can be queried in parallel with data from The Cancer Genome Atlas.

Controlled access to genome-wide profiling data is available after execution of a materials transfer agreement (MTA) with the PDX National Resource. Contact the PDX National Resource about an MTA.

Access to tumor extracts, frozen PDX tumor tissue, cryopreserved PDX tissue and derivative PDX cell lines also is available after execution of a materials transfer agreement.

After execution of the agreement, PDX biological samples can be requested by emailing Dr. Sarkaria's laboratory.

Files available: