Our research on tendon and soft tissue injuries includes novel methods of surgical knot tying. Here, watch videos about carpal tunnel syndrome and a variety of knot-tying techniques.

Carpal tunnel video

Cycle of fibrosis of synovial tissue in the carpal tunnel

Watch a video about carpal tunnel syndrome caused by fibrosis of synovial tissue.

Narrator: We believe that carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by fibrosis of the synovial tissue within the carpal tunnel.

As you can see in this cartoon, this synovial tissue consists of multiple layers, which are recruited sequentially as the tendon moves. If the tendon is subjected to excessive force, these layers may be damaged.

This damage results in fibrosis, which may limit tendon motion. Eventually the tendon may break free and start another cycle of fibrosis.

We believe that this is an important part of the etiology of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Knot-tying videos

Watch videos about a new method of surgical knot tying (links take you off the Mayo Clinic Research Web):

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