Focus Areas

The research of Saad J. Kenderian, M.B., Ch.B., and his team is centered on the development and optimization of novel-engineered T cell therapy approaches for the treatment of cancer. His team collaborates with other teams and centers within Mayo Clinic and has several research efforts in early-phase clinical trials.

Research focus areas of the T Cell Engineering Lab include:

  • Improving CAR-T cell therapy. The lab is investigating several strategies to either enhance the activity of CAR-T cells or reduce their toxicities. These include secondary modification of CAR-T cells and combination strategies with monoclonal antibodies, small molecules, peptides and other immunotherapeutic strategies.
  • Expanding CAR-T cell therapy. The lab is investigating applying CAR-T cell therapy for other cancers and autoimmune disease.
  • Producing CAR-T cells more efficiently. Two strategies are being researched in the lab; generating CAR-T cells in vivo (skipping the cell production part) and generating nonviral CAR-T cells.