Contact Dr. Ackerman with inquiries about research or opportunities in the Sudden Death Genomics Laboratory at Mayo Clinic.

Michael J. Ackerman, M.D., Ph.D.

  1. Principal Investigator
  2. Windland Smith Rice Sudden Death Genomics Laboratory
  3. Mayo Clinic
    Guggenheim Building, Room 501
    200 First St. SW
    Rochester, MN 55905
  4. Email:

Lab and study contacts

  1. Office phone: 507-284-0101
  2. Fax: 507-284-3757
  1. Lab supervisor: David J. Tester
  2. Lab phone: 507-538-7321
  1. Research study coordinator: Carla M. Haglund-Turnquist
  2. Study coordinator phone: 507-284-8900
  1. Clinical study coordinator: Trena M. Thome, CCRP