Molecular Control of Skeletal Development and Bone Formation

Skeletal development and bone formation are highly complex and tightly regulated processes. In an effort to better understand these processes, Dr. van Wijnen and his research team in the Stem Cell Therapy and Skeletal Regeneration Laboratory are studying the molecular mechanisms driving stem cell differentiation and lineage commitment into musculoskeletal tissues, including bone, cartilage and tendon.

Of particular interest to Dr. van Wijnen's research team is how the epigenetic landscape changes as a stem cell differentiates and which enzymes and mechanisms are involved in governing this process.

A better understanding of the molecular mechanisms at play during differentiation of stem cells into musculoskeletal tissues can provide valuable insight into the process of skeletal development and bone formation.

As Dr. van Wijnen's team identifies key players in this skeletal development process, the researchers hope to develop therapeutic strategies for musculoskeletal tissue regeneration.