Joint Preservation, Regeneration and Orthopedic Implant Enhancement

The Stem Cell Therapy and Skeletal Regeneration Laboratory works closely with the Division of Orthopedic Surgery Research at Mayo Clinic to improve the clinical treatment of musculoskeletal diseases affecting the joint space.

Dr. van Wijnen's research team is developing novel strategies for cartilage regeneration and repair to reverse the effects of joint degeneration and halt disease progression.

The lab is also engaged in ongoing studies to improve the osseointegration of metallic orthopedic implants used in joint reconstruction surgeries. Advances in this area of study can improve patient outcomes after total joint reconstruction and limit complications related to implant loosening.

In addition to characterizing the behavior of bone cells on metallic implants, Dr. van Wijnen's lab is investigating the cytotoxic effect of nanoparticle debris shed from these implants.

Together, results from these studies can improve quality of life for patients with joint diseases or injuries and improve the safety and efficacy of total joint replacement.