DNA Quality-Control Mechanisms in Breast Epithelial Stem and Progenitor Cells

Dr. Kannan's Stem Cell and Cancer Biology Lab is studying DNA quality-control mechanisms in breast epithelial stem and progenitor cells.

Human mammary glands have two distinct epithelial cell lineages. These cells differ in their epigenomic landscape, which reflects their divergent functions. The two lineages also differ in quality and quantity of telomere and mutagenic oxidative DNA lesions. It's plausible that cells of different mammary lineages experience different mutagenic stress.

The goal of this project in Dr. Kannan's lab is to identify novel, lineage-specific tumor suppressive mechanisms operating to counter the mutagenic stress and maintain a healthy mammary gland.

Research in this project may allow early detection of breast cancer and lead to preventive therapies for individuals at an increased risk of breast cancer.