About the Lab

The Skeletal Muscle Wasting and Progenitor Cell Biology Laboratory of Jason D. Doles, Ph.D., studies skeletal muscle regeneration and muscle wasting disorders. Dr. Doles' research team works to understand how muscle stem cells (satellite cells) drive the regeneration process and how their dysfunction contributes to impaired tissue homeostasis in disease states. The lab uses a variety of tools to address these issues, including mouse models, in vitro and in vivo stem cell assays, functional genomics, single-cell genomics, and metabolomics.

Research interests

  • Metabolic control of muscle stem cell fate
  • Skeletal muscle wasting (cachexia)
  • Age-associated muscle wasting (sarcopenia)
  • Muscular dystrophy


Dr. Doles' Skeletal Muscle Wasting and Progenitor Cell Biology Lab is affiliated with several Mayo Clinic research areas: