Fan Gao



  • Ph.D. candidate in Biomedical Engineering Program (2000 - Present)
    Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Mayo Graduate School
  • B.S. in Chemical Physics (2000)
    Univ. of Science & Technology of China


A PhD candidate with broad interests in structural biology, scientific computing, biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology with extensive experience in protein homology modeling, prediction of protein-small molecule recognition, protein conformational change and structure-based drug design.


  • Homology modeling of LBD domain of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor and different ligands docking.
  • Long MD simulation of acetylcholine binding protein and its conformational change analysis.
  • Design of structure-based virtual compound screening platform and potential lead testing.
  • Homology modeling of NBD2 domain in the KATP channel regulatory SUR2A subunits.

Research experience

  • Unix/Linux system, Parallel computing, C Programming, Perl Programming, Python Programming, Matlab
  • Application of different software including: QUANTA, INSIGHT II, SYBYL, AMBER7, AUTODOCK3, MODELLER6, JACKAL, AMSOL, MOPAC, GAUSSIAN98, and GROMACS3.
  • Basic skills in biochemistry.