Our laboratory provides space for members of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychology to conduct basic research studies using the latest genetic technologies. We analyze genes for mutations, polymorphisms, and gene expression. The core effort in this laboratory is to characterize genomic determinants of treatment responsiveness in psychiatric patients and cancer patients. This research aims to understand individual drug response variability by characterization of the genes of drug metabolizing enzymes and drug targets. Our lab has a special focus on the cytochrome P450 enzymes, but we also have studied drug response associated with variability in the serotonin transporter, dopamine D3 and D4 receptor, and serotonin receptor 2A. An important aspect of this research has been our involvement in the development of new clinical genetic tests, which are now available through the Mayo Medical Laboratory. Finally, this laboratory functions as a "classroom" for trainees and faculty in psychiatry and psychology who are interested in learning how to do benchtop research. Several of these individuals have gone on to develop their own research careers in the area of psychiatric genetics.