Liver Publications

Bile ducts (billiary tree)

  • Masyuk, T. V., B. Q. Huang, A. I. Masyuk, E. L. Ritman, V. E. Torres, X. Wang, P. C. Harris and N. F. LaRusso: Biliary dysgenesis in the PCK rat, an orthologous model of ARPKD. American Journal of Pathology 165(5):1719-1730 (Nov) 2004.
  • Masyuk T. V., A. I. Masyuk, E. L. Ritman, N. F. LaRusso: Three-dimensional reconstruction of the rat intrahepatic biliary tree: Physiological Implications. IN: Alpini, G., Alvaro D., Marzioni M., LeSage G., LaRusso N. (eds.): The Pathophysiology of Biliary Epithelia (Medical Intelligence Unit). Georgetown, Landes Bioscience, 2004, Chapter 5, pp 60-71.

Blood vessels

  • Masyuk, T. V., E. L. Ritman and N. F. LaRusso: Hepatic artery and portal vein remodeling in rat liver: vascular response to selective cholangiocyte proliferation. American Journal Pathology 162(4):1175-1182, 2003.
  • Op Den Buijs, J., Z. Bajzer, E. L. Ritman: Branching morphology of the rat hepatic portal vein tree: a micro-CT study. Annals of Biomedical Engineering 34(9): 1420-1428, 2006.
  • Murad-Darwish, S., V.A.L. Dom, E. L. Ritman, P. C. de Groen, P. E. Beighley, S. C. Abraham, P. E. Zondervan, H.L.A. Janssen: Early changes of the portal tract on micro-CT images in a newly developed rat model for Budd-Chiari syndrome. J Gastroenterology and Hepatology 23(10):1561-1566 (Oct) 2008.

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