Ongoing Research Support

Foundation (Ross) 03/01/2009–02/28/2010
Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research
LRRK2 variation in Parkinson's disease
To resolve the role of LRRK2 variants in Parkinson's disease
Role: Principal Investigator
NS 40256 (Dickson) 09/30/2004–08/31/2009
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Genetics and Molecular Biology of Parkinsonism; Udall Center
To identify and characterize the genetic causes of Parkinson's disease
Role: Research Associate
AG017216 (Dickson) 06/15/2005–5/31/2010
National Institute on Aging
Tau and Neurodegeneration II: Towards a therapeutic target
The major goal of this project is to find therapeutic targets for tau neurodegeneration.
Role: Research Associate

Completed Research Support

Foundation (Ross) 07/01/2005–06/30/2006
National Parkinson Foundation, Inc.
The Neurogenetics and Neuropathology of LRRK2–associated Parkinsonism
To identify the neuropathology associated with different mutational forms of LRRK2–parkinsonism
Role: Principal Investigator
Mayo (Ross) 07/01/2006–06/30/2007
Smith Fellowship
LRRK1 a homologue and Parkinson's disease gene
To examine the role of LRRK1 mutations in Parkinson's disease
Role: Principal Investigator
Foundation (Ross) 09/01/2007–08/31/2008
American Parkinson Disease Association
Dysregulation of a–synuclein gene expression in Parkinson's disease
To examine the correlation between conserved genetic variants, and the role of promoter methylation on a–synuclein expression.
Role: Principal Investigator
Foundation (Ross) 10/01/2007–09/30/2008
Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research
Genetic Characterization of Omi/Htra2 (PARK13) in Autosomal Dominant and Sporadic PD
To resolve the role of genetic variation at the recently nominated PARK13 locus in susceptibility to both familial and sporadic forms of Parkinson's disease.
Role: Principal Investigator