ACL Workshop

The Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Program health care providers (physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, nurses and a sport psychology counselor) work collaboratively and individually to offer educational information to athletes, parents, coaches and their professional colleagues.

The sports medicine providers educate via direct patient education, publishing in peer-reviewed journals and sports organization newsletters, lecturing and presenting locally and nationally and by sharing information on the radio, television and in print media.

In addition, the Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Biomechanics research programs jointly operate an annual ACL Workshop at Mayo Clinic Square in downtown Minneapolis. This workshop is an educational series of seminars and interactive classrooms on the current state of the practice for ACL injury prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and research. The course is targeted for clinicians and researchers but athletes, parents, coaches and athletic directors are also welcome to attend. This workshop typically occurs in the spring, and registration is available online. CME credit is offered to clinical attendees.

Vendors interested in participating in or supporting the ACL Workshop should contact Shirley M. Kingsley-Berg, CCRP.