Facilities and Equipment

The Orthopedic Biomechanics Laboratory occupies 7,000 square feet of space located in the Guggenheim Building at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. The laboratory includes:

  • Material testing facility for in vitro analysis of bone and connective tissue mechanical properties
  • Kinematic testing facility for in vitro assessment of normal and pathological motion
  • Computational stress analysis facility
  • Specimen preparation room
  • Experimental machine shop for machining or modifying joint implant prototypes
  • Experimental prostheses, internal fixation device, and testing apparatuses
  • Tissue culture room
  • Tissue analysis laboratory for basic immunohistochemistry

The lab includes multiple mechanical testing rigs, including three MTS and Instron axial loading platforms, two mechanical drop-impactor simulators, and several custom-designed mechanical structures. There are also on-site specimen preparation and storage facilities and an in-house machine shop for tool and component manufacturing. In addition to the laboratory space, there is office space with workstations to accommodate approximately 40 personnel.