Ultrasound Elastography Research

Project 1: Ultrasound elastography for carpal tunnel assessment

In this project, our lab is developing a novel noninvasive imaging technology to measure carpal tunnel pressure, a sensitive indicator associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, a common musculoskeletal disorder. This project is funded by an R21 grant from the NIH/National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS).

Principal investigator: Chunfeng Zhao, M.D.

Project 2: Ultrasound elastography for acute compartment syndrome assessment

In this project, we're developing a noninvasive technology to evaluate acute compartment syndrome. Acute compartment syndrome is often the result of a lower extremity injury, such as a tibial fracture or combat injury, or from complications of a lower limb surgery. Measuring intramuscular compartment pressure is key for determining the diagnosis, making decisions about treatment and understanding prognosis.

The current clinical measurement of intramuscular compartment pressure uses a large needle and catheter, which is invasive and painful. We're developing ultrasound technology to assess intramuscular compartment pressure and muscle function based on mechanical properties measured by ultrasound elastography. If our project is successful, we will develop a method of noninvasive imaging to assess acute compartment syndrome, which would have a significant beneficial impact on clinical practice, especially in military medicine. This project is funded by the Department of Defense.

Principal investigator: Chunfeng Zhao, M.D.