Developing Effective Glioblastoma Immunotherapies

Although glioblastomas remain challenging tumors to address clinically, the research team in the Neurosurgical Oncology Laboratory at Mayo Clinic is striving to improve the prognosis for people facing this diagnosis.

Dr. Parney and his research team are building on their increasing understanding of glioblastoma immunology, to develop effective strategies to reverse glioblastoma-mediated immune suppression and stimulate anti-tumor immune responses. To accomplish this, the research team is studying:

  • Optimization of tumor vaccine timing compared with standard therapies which can alter glioblastoma-mediated immunosuppression
  • Manipulation of dendritic cell vaccines to maximize their immunostimulatory properties
  • Identifying and targeting critical cell populations, such as glioblastoma stem cells

In addition, the Neurosurgical Oncology Lab is working with the Mayo Clinic Human Cellular Therapy Laboratories. This current good manufacturing practices (CGMP) facility is capable of producing clinical-grade cellular tumor vaccines. This collaboration enables Dr. Parney's research team to readily translate laboratory findings into clinical practice.