Tae Hyun Kim, M.S.

Photo of Tae Hyun Kim, M.S.

Graduate Student
(2008− present)

Tae Hyun Kim completed a masters degree at Yonsei/KAIST program in the field of electrophysiology and neurobiology and published several peer-reviewed papers. Subsequently, he joined the Molecular Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Program of Mayo Graduate School.

Tae Hyun aspires to expedite therapeutic methods for complex neurological disorders including alcoholism. In our lab, he has launched several experiments including viral-mediated gene expression in mouse brain to explore behavioral effect of gene expression. He uses electrophysiological methods such as fast scan cyclic voltametry (FSCV), patch-clamp electrophysiology, and calcium imaging in collaborating with Dr. Kendall Lee to explore molecular mechanisms involving the adenosine-mediated glutamate signaling pathway.

After joining our lab studying alcoholism and drug addiction, he also has been trained in molecular biology, mouse molecular genetics and neurobiology in alcoholism. His goals include utilizing several cutting-edged methods to advance our understanding of alcoholism, which will enable us to develop better treatment drugs or paradigms for alcoholism and other complex disorders. He desires to complete his PhD with breakthrough findings.