Sun Choi, B.S.

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Research Technologist
(2005 – present)

Sun Choi is an expert in animal husbandry. Before coming to Mayo, Sun worked at the University of California - San Francisco for about six months. Prior to that, she completed several biology-related courses at San Francisco City College and College of Marin, California.

In Korea, Sun, studied clothing science and graduated from Seoul Women’s University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in 1991.

Genetically engineered mouse models are essential to explore molecular and behavioral basis of alcoholism. Since our laboratory uses many congenic mouse strains with different genetic backgrounds, we need careful breeding, genotyping, and maintenance of our animal colonies, which requires proficient organizing skills.

Sun has developed a very efficient animal maintaining system at Mayo utilizing a new identification method as well as multiple PCR genotyping and recording systems. She also assists with several animal behavioral experiments carried out in the laboratory. In addition, she has an outstanding skill in Western blot experiments and contributes very reliable data.

Her role also involves supervising the laboratory’s allied health staff and ordering laboratory supplies and equipment. Sun’s goals entail providing animals and technical support for cutting-edge science.