Christina L. Ruby, Ph.D.

Photo of Christina L. Ruby, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow
(2010− present)

Christina holds a BA in Psychology from Miami University and joined our lab after completing a Ph.D. in Physiology at Kent State University. There, she studied the interaction between alcohol and biological rhythms using several animal models.

Christina is an expert in circadian biology and has extensive experience using technically demanding methodologies including stereotaxic surgery and 24 hour in vivo microdialysis. She has expertise in grant writing and has published several papers on her doctoral work, two of which have been highlighted in press releases.

She also has experience in social work, and feels strongly about advancing treatments for individuals suffering from mental illness and substance abuse disorders. Christina is currently investigating the neuroglial interaction involved in adenosinergic modulation of glutamate signaling in the striatum using the ENT1 knockout mouse model of alcoholism. She believes her research in our lab will advance the study of the complex interaction between genetic and environmental influences in the development of this highly prevalent disease.

Christina ultimately aspires to become an independent research scientist and to see her work improve the personalized pharmacological and behavioral treatment of alcoholics.