Patient Outcomes

The Neuro-Informatics Laboratory at Mayo Clinic tracks and assesses the impact of surgical and non-surgical interventions on patient outcomes in addition to identifying key drivers of quality and value in spinal surgery.

The laboratory interrogates predictors of adverse outcomes and develops proposals to mitigate future events.

The Neuro-Informatics Laboratory collaborates with the Robert D. and Patricia E. Kem Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery to provide domain expertise in Value Analysis, Patient-Centered Outcomes Assessment, Health Systems Engineering, Population Health Science and Surgical Outcomes Research.

The laboratory collaborates with the Biomathematics Resource to provide expert consultation on advanced predictive modeling techniques including machine learning, neural networks and deep learning algorithms that enable our team to perform the most advanced predictive modeling analyses available with current state-of-the-art research topics that have real-world impact on patient care.

The Neuro-Informatics Laboratory continues to expand its collaborations to lend expertise in the realm of Natural Language Processing in order to associate patient outcomes with data from patient charts, clinical messages, and patient interaction with social media.