The Neuro-Informatics Laboratory of Mohamad Bydon, M.D., is focused on advancing treatments for patients with diseases of the spine by making spinal surgery safer, discovering the genetic underpinnings of spinal disease and uncovering the regenerative potential of the spine.

The lab's research includes investigations on:

  • Patient outcomes. The Neuro-Informatics Laboratory studies and tracks patient outcomes related to surgical and nonsurgical interventions of the spine. Learn more about the lab's patient outcomes research.
  • Genetics of spine disease and spinal regeneration. The laboratory researches the genetic underpinnings of spinal nerve disease to establish new treatments using genetic or stem cell interventions. Read about Dr. Bydon's research on the genetics of spine disease and spinal regeneration.
  • Device development. The Neuro-Informatics Laboratory develops devices to make spinal surgery safer and to provide alternatives to spinal fusion. Explore device development activities in the lab.
  • Spinal biomechanics. The laboratory studies how the biomechanics of the spine are affected by spinal surgery and the biomechanics of native spinal motion. Learn more about spinal biomechanics research.