Human Studies

The Neural Engineering Laboratory's Human Studies Team seeks to improve the efficacy of deep brain stimulation (DBS) by studying the role of stimulation-induced neurochemical changes in patients with movement disorders or psychiatric conditions. The team conducts acute neurochemical recordings in patients undergoing DBS lead implantation using the Wireless Instantaneous Neurotransmitter Concentration Sensing System (WINCS) and Harmoni devices developed in the Neural Engineering Laboratory.

  • Christine A. Edwards
    • Doctoral Student
    • Christine Edwards joined the Department of Defense as an electrical engineer upon completing a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland, College Park. With more than 20 years of professional experience, she has held a variety of developer, researcher and technical advisory positions, while also earning a Master of Science in electrical engineering and in applied biomedical engineering from Johns Hopkins University.

      Currently, Christine is a division chief in the Department of Defense, leading a diverse team of applied mathematicians, computer scientists and engineers in investigating and developing large-scale analytics to transform data into actionable information. At the same time, she is a doctoral candidate at Deakin University in Australia and conducts research through the Mayo Clinic Neural Engineering Laboratory, where she has an appointment as a visiting graduate student.

  • Stephan J. Goerss
    • Contractor
    • Stephan Goerss has a background in the field of stereotactic and image-guided neurosurgery. He joined the Mayo Clinic Department of Neurologic Surgery in 1984 as part of a team dedicated to establishing the department as a center for stereotactic development. His work there furthered the mechanical design of the Compass stereotactic system. Stephan also oversaw the image-guided surgery practice for the Neurologic Surgery and Orthopedic Surgery departments.

      Stephan is now a contractor with the Neural Engineering Lab. His interest is in developing instruments and devices to enhance the use of imaging and technology in surgery.

  • Yoonbae Oh, Ph.D.
    • Research Fellow
    • Dr. Oh completed his Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from Hanyang University, South Korea, and joined Dr. Lee's Neural Engineering Laboratory as a research fellow in 2017. He is developing a voltammetric technique capable of measuring basal neurotransmitter concentrations in the brain.