Electrode Development

The Neural Engineering Laboratory's Electrode Development Team is working on building, testing and refining a diamond-coated stimulation and recording electrode for long-term use in deep brain stimulation (DBS).

Meet the team

  • Jonathan R. Tomshine, Ph.D.
    • Project Leader
    • Dr. Tomshine is a chemical engineer who worked in several Silicon Valley startups in the renewable energy, semiconductor and medical device fields before joining Mayo Clinic. His project team runs a microfabrication lab, which builds the diamond-coated electrodes that the Neural Engineering Laboratory is testing for chronic implantation. Dr. Tomshine's team has also developed an accelerated longevity testing device for neuromodulation electrodes.
  • Taylor R. Moen
    • Research Technologist
    • Taylor Moen completed her Bachelor of Arts in nutritional science at the College of Saint Benedict. She joined the Neural Engineering Laboratory in February 2016 to help support the electrode development project. With experience in medical device manufacturing and quality control, she will be working on electrode production and analysis. She plans to return to school to aid in her path in the neurosciences.
  • Chris R. Free
    • Research Technologist
    • Chris Free earned his Bachelor of Science in biochemistry and molecular biology from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He came to Mayo Clinic in 2001 and joined the Neural Engineering Lab in April 2016 to fabricate and optimize carbon fiber and diamond electrodes.
  • Seth A. Hara, Ph.D.
    • Senior Engineer
    • Dr. Hara earned his Bachelor of Science in engineering from Swarthmore College and then completed his doctorate in biomedical engineering in the Biomedical Microsystems Laboratory at the University of Southern California. His dissertation focused on the use of electrochemical techniques to characterize and evaluate parylene-based electrodes for neural recording. As a senior engineer in the Neural Engineering Lab's Electrode Development Project team, Dr. Hara is developing diamond electrodes for neurochemical detection.
  • Megan L. Settell
    • Predoctoral Student
    • Megan Settell completed her Bachelor of Science in cellular and molecular biology at Winona State University. She first joined the Neural Engineering Laboratory as a student, then became a full-time research technologist, developing diamond electrodes for use in deep brain stimulation with the Electrode Development Project team. She was accepted into Mayo Graduate School in 2016.