Illustration of an arrow moving up and down through a plane depicting mood disorder

The Mayo Mood Clinic is an outpatient program that evaluates and treats adults 18 years of age and over who have treatment-resistant (refractory) depression or bipolar disorder. The mood clinic is for individuals who continue to experience symptoms that can be evaluated and treated in an outpatient setting.

The Mayo Mood Clinic team is directed by a psychiatrist with specialized training in the evaluation and treatment of mood disorders. The psychiatrist leads a team of clinical staff including psychiatric resident physicians, a registered nurse, clinical social worker as well as support staff. A specialized assessment assures that the treatment is tailored and appropriate to the needs of each patient. Patients at the Mayo Mood Clinic may be eligible to participate in clinical research studies and genomics testing related to treatment of mood disorders.

As part of a comprehensive approach to the treatment of mood disorders the Mayo Mood Clinic is part of the Integrated Mood Program which also includes an inpatient Mood Disorder Unit, providing acute inpatient care when required. The Mood Disorder Unit incorporates the latest in diagnostic treatment, including genetic and metabolic testing, as well as state of the art neuro-imaging techniques.