Molecular imaging in the laboratory focuses on research and clinical diagnostics in the following areas:

  • Radioisotope production. This project focuses on the development of cyclotron targetry to produce radiometals for radiolabeling of radiopharmaceuticals.
  • Radiochemistry and automation. This project studies the development of radiochemistry instrumentation and methods to support novel development of radiopharmaceuticals.
  • Radiometals in Alzheimer's disease. This project focuses on positron emission tomography radiometal approaches to studying the changes in metal disposition with Alzheimer's disease and correlation of these changes with known interactions with beta-amyloid plaque depositions.
  • Fatty acid metabolism in heart and metabolic disorders. This project focuses on the development and use of fluorine-18-labeled fatty acid analogs to study fatty acid oxidation in cardiovascular diseases and metabolic disorders, such as diabetes.
  • Imaging of brain biochemistry in psychiatric disorders. This project studies the use of metabolic imaging of neurochemical systems to understand disease pathology and predict and monitor treatment response.
  • Imaging and theranostics in glioblastomas. This project focuses on airing biomarkers of tumor aggressiveness with relevant treatment paradigms to improve treatment planning and monitoring of tumor response.
  • Noninvasive cell tracking methods. This project aims to develop new methods to label and image cells (stem cells, dendritic cells and others) for the purpose of noninvasive monitoring of cell transport and survival.