Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most common brain tumor and is a fast-growing and aggressive cancer. GBM is always fatal with an average survival of 14 to 16 months from the day of diagnosis. Around 5 out of 200 people with GBM are "extreme survivors," living longer than five years after diagnosis.

Dr. Swanson's research team has gathered resources of four major brain tumor centers across the country to synthesize and disseminate data regarding extreme survivors of GBM. In this research project, the Mathematical Neuro-Oncology Lab is:

  • Building a data repository of extreme survivors of GBM to discover actionable targets for predicting and inducing survivorship.
  • Exploring inherited traits that may adversely affect or prolong survival in GBM.
  • Conducting patient-specific modeling and simulations of tumor growth and response kinetics to inform our understanding of disease kinetics.
  • Quantifying high-dimensional interactive data including tumor micro and macro environments, tumor molecular and cellular composition, inherited genetic traits, and disease kinetics to identify determinants of extreme survivorship.