Deforming stress in the lung is invariably shaped by the response to noxious stimuli. This is particularly evident in adult respiratory distress syndrome patients who are subject to mechanical ventilation-associated lung injury by mechanisms often referred to as "biotrauma."

Since cellular stress failure is an important driver of biotrauma, the laboratory seeks to identify and test interventions that protect epithelial cells of small airways and air sacs against deformation injury and promote plasma membrane wound repair. To this end, the lab has:

  • Developed and adopted experimental platforms to measure the mechanical properties of cells and the force they exert on their underlying matrix.
  • Developed 2-D and 3-D culture models that enable investigators to determine the effects of matrix stiffness on alveolar epithelial phenotype and function.
  • Characterized the sequence of events in the cell repair process and is currently in a position to test pathway targeted cytoprotective interventions.