Research Programs

In the Knowledge and Evaluation Research Unit, our particular research emphasis is on clinician and patient interactions, using theoretical, observational and experimental methods with both quantitative and qualitative evaluations.

This research focuses on discovery, translation and dissemination of health services for patients and society. We study interactions between patients and clinicians at the point of care. Our studies include novel, mixed-method observational and experimental approaches to better understand the ways in which patients and clinicians engage in shared decision-making.

Dr. Montori and others on our research team engage in theoretical construction, human-centered design, and the implementation, evaluation and dissemination of evidence-based interventions. We promote care that fits — that is, care that is responsive to the problematic situation of the patient and that makes sense intellectually, emotionally and practically in the life of the patient. Our approach has led the field in research on minimally disruptive medicine.