Linsey E. Jackson

Why did you choose research as a career?

I was exposed to research early in my undergraduate career at MIT and have since then explored experimental, clinical, computational and community-engagement research. I chose to pursue a career in research due to the broad variety of roles involved — all having the same goal of helping patients and improving health care.

What attracted you to Mayo Clinic to explore research?

The Clinical and Translational Science Track particularly attracted me to Mayo Clinic because of the unique training in clinical science and opportunities to explore research within the entire translational spectrum.

Why did you choose Dr. Athreya's lab?

I chose Dr. Athreya's lab because when he spoke about the multifaceted and skillful scientists he aimed to train, I wished to be one of those scientists. Dr. Athreya is a knowledgeable, patient and encouraging mentor. I also enjoy the family-like environment in the lab and our many lab outings.

What are your plans for the future?

Upon graduation, I plan to join the biotech-pharma industry in a computational biology role.