Caroline W. Grant

Why did you choose research as a career?

After college, I did a fellowship at the National Institutes of Health. My mentors there were studying the biology of alcohol use disorder. The complexity of the disease, the large-scale data and the experimental techniques being developed to gain insights into this multifaceted disease fascinated me. The potential positive impact their findings could have on clinical care inspired me to choose research.

What attracted you to Mayo Clinic to explore research?

Mayo's integration of research and clinical practice drew me here. I have been fortunate to gain exposure to clinical practice since coming here. I believe this has positively impacted the direction of my research.

Why did you choose Dr. Athreya's lab?

Dr. Athreya is an inspiring mentor! His lab environment provides ample opportunities for personal and professional growth. I enjoy our lab's frequent "coffee walks," where we discuss our work in a casual setting. These conversations have strengthened my ability to communicate about my research.

Dr. Athreya cares for the success of all his students. He is receptive to questions and discussion around our science, which has helped me grow. Additionally, his work on the interface of omics, digital health and artificial intelligence in health care fascinated me, and I hoped to contribute.

What are your plans for the future?

I am passionate about working on applied biological questions. I want to be close to the patient experience. Ultimately, I hope to see my research positively impact people's lives and the management of disease, whether this involves work in health centers or in industry.