The lab focuses on using large-scale high spatiotemporal resolution electrophysiology recordings in humans to investigate seizure precursors and mechanisms of ictogenesis. Among the chief lines of investigation are quantification of microseizures, high frequency oscillations, ultraslow/DC potentials, and extracellular actions potentials of single neurons. These phenomena are investigated with respect to their spatial and temporal relationship to seizure onset.

The lab has recently initiated a focus on cognitive correlates of memory and emotion using laptop-based human experiments paired with the broadband electrophysiology. This largely reflects the efforts of Joe Matsumoto, M.D., an integral member of the lab.

Mark Bower, Ph.D. is conducting the extracellular action potential analyses which are applied to both the ictogenesis, and cognitive lines of investigation.

Multi-modality imaging is being used for precise anatomic localization of epileptic brain. Statistical Parametric Mapping of SPECT, PET and EEG is also performed in the lab. This work is performed by Noojan Kazemi, M.D., Ben Brinkmann, Ph.D. and Elson So, M.D., in collaboration with Denny Hanson from Mayo Biomedical Imaging Resource.

The lab depends heavily on large scale computation and data storage infrastructure. The nature of the data is such that custom tools must be created for most analyses. Members of the lab all have some programming skills and facility with digital signal processing concepts.